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5 Quick Tips To Help Tender Scalp

Detangling textured natural hair can be a painful experience, especially if you have a tender scalp.  Here's some tips that will surely help you and your loved ones with a tender scalp.yamoni scalp care

1) Scalp Massage - when's the last time you've given yourself a scalp massage?  This is something you can do right at home. Scalp massage helps to stimulate blood circulation and distributes natural oils through the hair and is shown to promote faster growing and thicker hair.  A massage releases tension which can cause pain. If you're on your computer alot, you recognize shoulder and neck pain and resolve it but don't forget your scalp which is connected to that same area!

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2) Nourish Your Scalp - Eating good whole foods and getting plenty of water and rest is important to overall health. To encourage a healthy scalp give it special care.  Our intricate hairstyles like braids, extensions and weaves can traumatize our scalp and it needs a little help. Yamoni's Renew Scalp Care line is a must!  You can prepare and nourish your scalp in advance of any styling appointment by protecting it with Scalp Balm and stop itch and inflammation with the Scalp Spray. I repeat get it in advance of your next appointment, you will be glad you did!   

3) Scalp Detox - sometimes we can develop tenderness due to scalp conditions like dandruff, or from chemicals like hair colors, or medications. Yamoni D-Tox Scalp & Hair Mask is the solution. It helps to improve scalp health with clay for absorbing impurities and hydrating, stimulating and activating hair follicles.  

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4) Combing Your Hair -  while it's not necessary for daily routine it still is an important part of grooming that helps to detangle, remove debris and buildup and to stimulate the scalp. Wide tooth combs are best and It helps if hair is moisturized and lubricated so, use a conditioner or leave in moisturizer to help slip through those knots.  

5) Patience & Persistence -  be sure to understand the amount of time it will take to do your do. Self maintenance is self love so take the time to patiently groom hair for yourself and your family3


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