5 Fast & Easy Tips To Refresh Your Natural Curls

5 Fast & Easy Tips To Refresh Your Natural Curls

Sometimes we need to refresh our natural curly hair because we haven’t made it to our wash day yet and we desperately need something to make it through the week.  Well don’t worry we gotcha with some tips on how to keep your hair looking its best.

  • Clip In Extensions – make sure you keep these affordable and easy to use save the day extensions on hand. While there are other fast extensions, clip in extensions are less damaging to hair (than tape) and you can pretty much find them anywhere in beauty stores and online.  They’re also a great way to try an new color.

Clip In Hair Extensions

  • The Right Product – sometimes we need to get rid of odors that can get trapped into our hair. Try out Yamoni Scalp Spray that’s a light weight moisturizing answer that helps to deodorize the hair, annnd…get rid of that itchy scalp!
  • Say Goodbye To Frizz and Dryness – speaking of products, be sure to get Genie In A Bottle leave in moisturizer! It is so lightweight and sooooo moisturizing that you won’t have to worry about excess buildup while re-twisting and reactivating those mid-week need a washday curls. This product is so versatile and smells delicious too!

Yamoni Essentials May 2022 Blog Refresh Hair

  • Preventative Maintenance – this seems like a no brainer but sometimes we need to take better care of our hair at night. Be sure to do something for your hair before laying those lovely curls down to sleep.  Finger curl, twist, light moisture whatever works for you—but you MUST TIE UP THAT HAIR!  Find a silky scarf or bonnet that works for you and put it on!
Curly Hair Care
    • Re-Styling Refresh – sometimes you may feel that your hair is a little lopsided, longer, shorter or not a even as it used to be. Well it is good practice to just snip those straggling ends (I did say snip right!?).  You just need a good pair of shears and detangled hair and take a section that needs your attention and snip snip!  Remember, it’s just hair – it’ll grow back (and FAST with Yamoni Essentials).

    I hope you enjoyed these read.  Tell me how do you refresh your hair.  Just send put your answer below and I promise to respond! 

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