5 Kids Hair Care Tips For Back To School

5 Kids Hair Care Tips For Back To School


August means back to school time for our families. With that we need to keep in mind that along with the clothing and school supplies we also need to make sure that we incorporate healthy hair care as well. This means creating a routine that allow you plenty of time for grooming and styling in a special place and time for your little curlies and textured hair kids.

As all African American women with children know, this means making sure you have the right tools and high-quality products that are safe for the growing needs of your children’s scalp and hair.

1. Combs & Brushes – A wide tooth detangling comb and brush is a must when you are washing styling and taking down hair. The key is to work in manageable sections. You should have the right brushes as well, for detangling and smoothing the hair including paddle brushes that detangle and boar bristle brushes that stimulate the scalp and smooth the hair. Make sure you clean and sterilize your combs and brushes regularly! Be sure to include this amazing leave in moisturizing conditioner that makes the knots and tangles disappear for easier grooming!  

Little Girl With Braids Hair Styles Yamoni Essentials

2. Bands, Barrettes, Beads & Bows – pick trinkets and hair pretties that are age appropriate. Small beads on the ends of the hair can come off and be a danger to young children. The weight of too many can literally pull their hair out and can be uncomfortable to sleep in and play in. Hair bands that are too tight can cause breakage (those little bumps ARE HAIR FOLLICLES IN DISTRESS!). A good option for our little girls are hair bows. A piece of matching ribbon or a few inexpensive decorative barrettes that you choose with your baby is a good bet!

3. Hairstyles – speaking of hair pretties, remember that natural hair is soooo much easier (and healthier) to maintain than altering it with heat and chemicals. Ok some heat is good but keep it to a minimum. Deep conditioning with a heat cap is great and a little controlled heat with a blowout occasionally is fine. Chemicals are a no-no! When choosing a new hairstyle know what your child likes and give it a trial! They will change their minds -- I mean we do too right?! So be flexible and don’t invest a lot of time and money on intricate hairstyles. Keep it easy and fast cause even we don’t like to be in a hair shop all day right, lol.

preschool aa little girl with headband

4. Guidance – If natural hair doesn’t come natural for you be sure to seek help from friends and family. A trip to a good natural hairstylist or barber should be on your list can help boost your little prince or princess self-esteem that knows how to work with kids, can provide a good hair cut or a trim and style that is easy to maintain as well as insight into caring for your children. You will also want to be sure to subscribe to Ya’moni Essentials Lifestyle blog to keep up on the helpful information and find support to keep your little one’s hair growing healthy and their confidence growing. Remember sharing is caring so go ahead and forward this article to other members of your mom group!  You will also want to pickup a starter set of Ya'moni Essentials Candy Kids Hair Care Line here.  Your little angels will love it!

5. Love and Patience – the time you spend doing your child’s hair should be done with love. You can convey the love you have for your child’s and their natural hair with gentle hands and the time spent and care for your child’s natural hair. They should never feel that there is something wrong with the way God made them. Show them how to take care of their natural hair with their own products and how to you use them. This will go a long way with a healthy self-identity and self-care as they become more independent and pass this on to their own children.   

So, there you have it ladies and moms! Use this to plan a healthy and loving hair care regimen for your babies. I hope you found this article helpful and will continue to visit us and live the Ya’moni Essentials lifestyle. Oh, and make sure you ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS 🤳🏽 to stay up to date on our latest articles aaaannnnnnd great sales promos and giveaways so SUBSCRIBE and save on your first order when you do!!

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