5 Powerful Ways To  Self Care For Body Mind & Spirit

5 Powerful Ways To Self Care For Body Mind & Spirit

When we think of our own mothers and the women before us we remember how they made it through the hard times, the beauty of their smile and the warmth of their touch.  As women our mothers are our first role models for us, just as we are for our daughters and sons.  It’s important to take good care of yourself and the one and only body that God has given us.

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Here to you Moms – Five Powerful Ways  To Self Care to make sure we take good care of our body mind soul and spirit this month and throughout the year!

Rest – the number one way our body heals and repairs itself is through rest.  I mean if God did, we must follow that sample and do the same!  Life is so much easier when we are rested.  Keep it balanced, go to bed early and wake up early (naps are great too).  When you are rested it is easier to connect with your inner self. You will find peace for your mind soul and spirit with rest!!

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Say"No" – supermoms are those that use the power of NO.  You can’t do everything for every body and you can’t be every where.  Learn how to say yes less allows you to be your best for your loved ones and gives you time to handle all the little details in life pop up without stressing.  Practice saying, “Can I get back to you?” gives you time to evaluate and prevent you from making spontaneous commitments.  Less stress is good mental health practice.

Say "Yes" – yesssss, I did just tell you to say no more but here’s the thing. Being able to say no more allows you to say yes more to self development, meeting personal goals, and fun stuff like traveling and spending time quality time with your family. Saying yes to what is good for you is good for your soul! Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure.  Create a relaxing salon and spa treatment at home and be sure to check out Yamoni self care products HERE.

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Eat Your Veggies – the fresher the better (raw is the best).  Plant based food (fruits and vegetable are the way to go! Not a veggie person or the kiddies not sold on them? Sneak them into your other foods like soups, salads, pizzas, or dipped in a healthy yogurt or nut butter or sprinkled with seasonings.  Get creative and see how many new veggies you can discover by looking up recipes on line.  There’s a whole rainbow vegetable goodness that your body wants and needs! Take good care of your temple ladies.

Water – we all know that our bodies are about 70% of water. That is a lot of water!  We need to be sure we are drinking plenty of water to keep our organs and tissues and systems working optimally.  The ideal daily consumption of water is 50 percent (half) of your body weight in ounces.  Now I understand that if you are not a water drinker this may seem like a lot -- you'll need to condition your body by drinking an extra cup or two in the morning before you eat instead of downing a cup of coffee. 

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Squeeze in a lemon for detox and a vitamin c boost and discover all the wonderful healthy teas that will help you increase your water intake.  When you increase your water consumption, you’ll find that you are not as hungry and that it’s easier to control your appetite.  Your skin and thinking is clearer and your body is able to move easier as it has the lubrication and rehydration it needs.  Water helps flushes out toxins and waste that causes disease. 

Ladies, these important five steps are easy to do and will help you take better care of your temple!

Let me know if you have any other easy powerful self care tips via chat! 

Love Daishawn

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