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5 Self Care Tips To Love Yourself | Yamoni Essentials Blog

Loving yourself is just as important as loving others. Here’s some tips to help you elevate your love:


1. Learn How To Say NO– While we’re at home it seems that we are busier than ever working from home, home schooling, etc. Sometimes ladies, being at home creates that impression that you’re always available. Learn how to say no more often and save your “yes” for things that truly matter to you and your loved ones. You’ll find that life will become much more simple.


2. Say YES To Taking Care Of You – That means doing the things that are good for us even if we don’t really enjoy exercise, doctor or dental visit or passing on that extra sweet.

3. Create An Environment You Enjoy – Do you enjoy music, candles, flowers and a good book. Make sure that you set your environment that you can enjoy and function in. Do you have a quiet space where you can pray and meditate? Sometimes it’s as simple as creating space with a comfy chair and table in a cozy corner with all the things you enjoy nearby to retreat in. You’ll find that when you have your own space, you’ll be more at peace with yourself and others.


4. Handle Your Business – Sometimes we choose to ignore things to prevent stress hoping it will disappear. All the while we know they’re not going away until we do something. Stop procrastinating – it renders you powerless and creates more stress! When you have a big job to tackle, focus on one part of the job at a time and chip away at it consistently and before you know it viola – you’re done!


5. Treat Yourself – Living a good life is not about having expensive things. It’s about how you treat yourself! When you treat yourself with love you will be able to treat others the same. Ladies we know that a healthy hair and scalp is a inward and outward sign that we are taking care of ourselves and that we love all our natural kinks and curls.


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