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When you condition your natural curly hair the right way, and with the right safe paraben and silicone free products, you will find that your hair grows like crazy!! The right low pH conditioner for black textured hair will:

  • Reduce hair porosity to help you retain moisture better.

  • Increase the manageability and softness of the coarsest and tangle prone hair.

  • Increase elasticity which is key to stopping breakage when detangling and styling hair and braiding.

  • Brings hair and scalp to a healthy acidic level to smooth the shaft help keep scalp disinfected.

How To Condition Natural Hair

First using products that are formulated to work together yields the best results…let me repeat -- they are formulated to work together. You don’t want to mix different brands of products or you will not get the best results…AND of course products that are made fresh without all the chemicals are the best!


Secondly, use a leave-in moisturizing detangler and your fingers to remove tangles and knots and section hair. If your hair is longer, try twisting untangled sections to expose the scalp and hair for better deep down cleaning!

Next, rinse hair thoroughly in very warm water and apply shampoo to scalp, massage in and apply from roots to ends. Rinse thoroughly with very warm water to remove all dirt and debris. When you use Yamoni Silk Shampoo you will see that it effectively disinfects scalp and removes odors and buildup without stripping hair of its natural oils.


Now, you’re ready to condition your hair. Remove excess water from hair using an old t-shirt. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to your ends first so they get the attention they need to combat dryness, then apply from roots to end. Leave on 3-5 minutes then rinse with cool water to seal in moisture.


TIP: Use a warm towel or heated bonnet to wrap conditioned hair in for a spa treatment that will lift hair cuticles for penetrating conditioning and longer lasting moisture.

Finally, a word on deep conditioning: Deep conditioning on a regular basis is a must! The best kind of deep conditioner for black textured hair is one that adds deep moisture and strength without the dreaded protein buildup (read your labels). You can use this *clay detox* mask on scalp and to deep condition hair with natural vitamins and minerals from mother nature without worry of protein sensitivity annnnd while removing toxins – now that’s a win-win-WIN that will leave your hair and scalp feeling amazing for weeks!!

Use these tips and Yamoni Essentials for amazing hair growth in 2021!