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6 Self Care Tips For Better Mental Health

Hello Ya’moni Family!  By now most of us have returned to a routine of work, school and social events with an eye towards the upcoming holidays. I’d like to take this space to remind you that self care is very important to your mental health.  Below are 6 Self Care Tips for Better Mental Health:

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Create a cozy space in your home that is just for you - even if its a chair and table with your favorite pictures, books and a great candle like these situated by a window to soothe your sights and senses.  Make sure you let your family know that when you’re there they should respect your space by leaving you in peace.

Get your playlist together that inspires you, builds and motivates you – I think we all have those songs that elevate us and remind us of victories in our lives.

Create a personal library – just the act of reading slows things down for you. Self-help books can be found online as well. Not a big reader? Pick up one of your favorite magazines next time you’re in the checkout line at your local grocery store; or listen to an audiobook or subscribe to a podcast.

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Turn off all the noise – don’t be afraid of turning your phone on do not disturb. If you need to use the block on your phone do it! Need an escape -- check out good comedies and don’t forget the old ones you enjoyed growing up watching.

Practice Relaxation – Meditation helps calm the noise; get regular sleep by rising early and going to bed early; explore new hobbies like painting or baking or sewing...you never know where your hidden talents can take you!

Self-care – your internal well being is just as important (if not more so) than all the nail and hair appointments you can schedule. If you’re having personal problems or if you’re feeling some kind of way take inventory of your emotions and mental state to seek out a listening ear from a proven trusted friend. Seek out professional help early and as often as needed – counseling, a therapist can help you find the better you.

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I hope you take these easy to do tips that are easy to incorporate into your life. Ya’moni products include hair and scalp care products as well as lifestyle products like candles so be sure to check us out!

Do you have any unique ways to take a mental break or a special space just for you in your home?

If so, I’d love to hear more about it and feel free to share any pics.

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