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This safe and gentle, sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate and silicone free textured hair care products for children is made fresh with high quality natural ingredients. Yummy smelling Candy Kidz comes in a five piece set:

Cleanser – effectively removes dirt and buildup from scalp and hair without drying out the scalp and hair. Just apply to damp hair massage into scalp and rinse thoroughly.

Conditioner – nourishes the hair and provides added moisture and control to make styling your little ones hair a snap! Use after washing hair to detangle and condition hair.

Milk Shake – this Leave In hair moisturizer is a light milky liquid that adds much needed moisture oils and conditioning to pop those tangles into loving curls. Can be used before washing to remove knots and tangles.

Hair Pudding – is a delicious medium hold curl activator that will keep your Candy Kidz curls moisturized and defined for days! Apply to clean hair as a wash and go, braid or twist to style.

Growth Balm – this amazing balm is better than any hair grease! You child’s scalp will respond to the nourishing butters oils by growing hair faster thicker and longer. Apply to scalp and around delicate hairline, thinning, slow growth and bald areas.

Add our Hair Therapy Growth Drops for even FASTER hair growth

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Candy Kidz products are for use on children 3+ years of age as the formula is not tear-free. Not edible.