Ya'moni Essentials Natural Hair & Scalp Care Products was founded by New Orleans, LA native Daishawn Phillips. Being  natural for over 7 years and loves it. She believes every woman should embrace their beauty and take the necessary precautions in taking care of their hair the healthy way. Our company is dedicated to women, men and children with all different types of hair. Our products are Vegan Friendly and do not contain any harmful ingredients such as Parabens, Phtalates, Sulfates, Silicons or any Cheap Chemical Fillers.


Here's A Message From Daishawn...

Natural hair care regimens should be easy and affordable with products that are safe and effective. Period.  That’s not too much to ask for but it is hard to find - until now!!  I discovered a four step naturally curly textured hair routine that I could use to cleanse, condition, moisturize style and nourish my scalp for amazing hair growth.  Yes, four steps is all that is needed for healthy beautiful defined long lasting moisturized hair.

But wait ladies - it gets better…These are freshly made, and no sulfates petroleum silicone phthalates parabens cruelty free vegan friendly ingredients without all those chemical fillers you find on store shelves! Let me introduce you to Ya’Moni Essentials Natural Hair System.  Easy natural hair care.

Sometimes we think more is better for our type 3 and type 4 natural hair.  We can get confused with high porosity or low porosity care.  When we listen to claims from paid wig and weave wearing you-tubers and influencers and start mixing all these different products, this can lead to disaster for your hair and your health! 

I’ve designed Ya’Moni Essentials, for textured natural high and low porosity hair to bring it back into balance I’ve designed a line that you can use all year long and will help keep your curly coily or kinky hair and scalp balanced and healthy.  It is a common-sense stress-free routine to beautiful healthy black natural hair.  

Satin Silk Shampoo – Get off to a great start with clean scalp and hair.  African-American textured hair is fragile because the curls and kinks which also makes it dry because sebum has a difficult time traveling down the hair shaft.  When cleansing our scalp and hair we want it squeaky clean to remove pollutants and buildup without stripping the hair of its natural oils or damaging fragile hair.  This sulfate free shampoo is made fresh to eliminate harsh preservatives. Contains scalp and hair loving ingredients including Aloe Veraa, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Vitamin B, Humectant Glycerin and Essential Oils Including Scalp Stimulating Rosemary Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils.  Apply generous amount to scalp and massage through hair. Rinse with warm water.

Satin Silk Conditioner – This rich conditioner is made with rich oils and natural fats to lovingly nourish every strand while giving natural textured hair the right amount of strength it needs to prevent breakage or brittleness.  Made with conditioners that smooth hair without weighing it down to tame even the most roughest dry hair.  Use as a co-wash or conditioner after shampooing hair on damp hair applying from ends to root in small sections. Rinse after 3 to 5 minutes.  You will love the richness of Aloe, Sunflower Seed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Smoothing Ingredients.

Genie In A Bottle – This liquid leave in hair moisturizer conditions and detangles even the most kinkiest hair. Say good bye to matted hair and fairy knots and hair breakage.  Use before shampooing for added slip before manipulating hair, or use as a mid-week moisturizing curl activator to refresh your curly hairstyle.  Eliminates that dried out crispy crunchy feel that you can get at the end of the week. Use as the “O” in your LCO/LOC natural hair routine.

Love Potion – Is a medium weight Curl Definer that enhances the moisture and hold of your twists out braid out and wash and go.  This rich creamy concoction is heaven sent for even the driest type 4c hair.  Use on clean slightly damp hair in small workable detangled sections and apply from roots to ends paying special attention to drier ends.  Smooth into hair and style. This curl enhancer is made with Shea, Coconut, Oil and Avocado Oil, Slippery Elm, and Aloe Vera.  No flaking no long drying and moisturized curls for days. Perfect for sealing in moisture and protecting your ends.

Scalp Products -  The key to keeping your hair growing and growing long strong and full is a healthy scalp.  Our scalp treatment products Re-New Therapy Spray and Re-New Scalp Balm is specially formulated with all natural botanical ingredients that nourish the scalp, stimulate hair follicles for amazing hair growth and fight hair loss.  This is a must have for protective hairstyle wearers of wigs, weaves, braids and hair extensions. 

Apply Re-New Scalp Balm to help heal dry flaking scalp and to ease tightness and soreness.  Use the Re-New Therapy Spray on affected area of scalp and gently massage in for an invigorating tingly sensation that creates blood flow to scalp and follicles and stops scalp itch!

You will absolutely love Ya’Moni as much I do.  It’s been life changing for me and I want the same for you; but don’t just listen to me, hear what others are saying about this proprietary black hair maintenance system, specially made for us and by us.


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