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Detangling Hair Brush

Detangling Hair Brush

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Do you have hair that tends to get tangled alot? If so, this Detangling Hair Brush is made specifically for you. It has a unique design that is geared towards knotted, kinky, thick, and curly hair.

~Our detangle hair brush has separate bristles for easy brushing and a powerful combing design with the round needles. This makes it much easier to detangle your hair, especially when combined with a leave-in detangler (we recommend our Genie In a Bottle or Moisture Mist 😉).

~Not only is our detangling hair brush lightweight but it’s incredibly firm and durable. This brush is also waterproof and easy to clean as required. Use it in the shower when washing your hair for squeaky clean, knot-free results.

~Those with stubborn hair can now enjoy using this detangling hair brush as a lifesaver in the mornings or when washing your hair. Detangling thick hair has just gotten easier. It's best suited for 3a to 4c kinky, wavy, curly, wet, dry, thick, or matted hair, without pulling hair out or damaging your scalp.


- Detangling design with separate bristles
- Suitable for various hair types - kinky, thick, wavy, curly, etc.
- Powerful combing design with round needles
- ABS resin with lightweight yet firm design
- Grooved, streamlined body for massaging effect
- Great on wet hair

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