Hair Growth Serum Detox Scalp Clay Mask

Extra Strength Hair Growth Set | Rhiodiola DHT Serum Detox Scalp Mask

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Longer and healthier hair growth faster with this two piece set  that comes with our extra strength growth serum made with DHT (baldness hormone) fighting ingredients like Rosemary and active Rhiodiola, a powerful ingredient known to de-stress hair, provide faster hair growth and fight inflammation.  Use after removing toxins, pollutants, excess sebum with our D-tox Hair and Scalp mask. Made with kaolin and bentonite clay and  rhiodiola active ingredients and essentials oils.

To use, apply D-tox Mask to damp or dry scalp (and hair) allow to dry and rinse thoroughly; towel dry hair and apply to Growth Serum to scalp and massage in. Both of these products contain Rhodiola which is a powerful ingredient which is known to De-stress hair, provide faster hair growth, and fights inflammation, soothes and disinfects scalp.