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Slay Bae Edge Tamer | Edge Control Gel

Slay Bae Edge Tamer | Edge Control Gel

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***Now in 4oz amber colored jar***

Our Slay Bae Edge Tamer is a translucent water based natural hair gel that holds coarse, hard to lay hair (4c) leaving it flexible with nice shine and easy glide on application. Won't flake, not waxy, tacky oily or greasy, won't run. Easily washes out! Use small amount on dry hair. Made with high quality SAFE paraben free silicone free ingredients including these 5 important ingredients:

Neem Oil (Healing Growth Condition) - an ayurvedic staple for stimulating hair growth and relieving scalp and hair maladies such as dandruff and inflammation; a non-comedogenic oil that won't clog pores and aids in reducing acne. Promotes healthy hair growth, smoothes, conditions hair reduces frizz

Rosehip Seed Oil (Growth & Protection) - Contains vitamins essential fatty acids that increase hair elasticity luster and shine while moisturizing hair and skin. Promotes healthy hair growth by stimulating hair follicles and preventing inflammation of delicate hairline which is major cause of hair loss and receding hair lines.

Rosemary EO Blend (Stimulates Hair Follicles) - A DHT (balding hormone) blocking essential oil stimulates blood flow while helping to prevent fungal and bacterial growth with it's antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties which also prevents premature graying,

Argan Oil (penetrating adds softness and manageability) - Argan oil hydrates even the driest roughest kinky curly coily hair making it softer by penetrating hair shaft to promote elasticity to prevent breaking. Nourishes scalp and aids in hair growth.

Silk Protein (Smoothes & Anti-Breakage) - naturally adds shine luster to hair making it easier to manage and stronger with less protein buildup.

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