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11 Benefits of Sea Moss for Naturally Curly Hair and Scalp

The first time I heard about Irish Sea Moss was from Dr. Sebi, the famous herbalist and naturalist. The multiple benefits of Irish Sea Moss for the body are numerous and are said to heal the body of inflammation, and is an antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antiviral superfood. This sea algae is sea weed that grows around the coastlines and come in a variety of colors and is also known as Irish Moss, Carrageen and Chondrus Crispus.

We included sea moss in our product line because of its amazing affinity to the human body!

Did you know that Sea Moss has 92 of the 110 minerals found in the body? This is why we are hearing so much about Sea Moss which is generally taken internally for health benefits. 

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Annnd, did you know that Sea Moss is also loaded with 11 vitamin and mineral rich hair and scalp loving nutrients?!  Yamoni Sea Moss Co-Wash and Sea Moss Deep Conditioner contains the highest quality sourced Sea Moss to give your natural curly textured hair a luxurious treat and amazing scalp care benefits for optimal hair growth.  Check out the list of 11 Benefits of Sea Moss for your hair and scalp below:   

  1. Omega-3 & Omega-6 (fatty acids for building healthier hair, increases diameter, and reducing hair loss)
  2. Protein (building block for strong healthy hair)
  3. Vitamin A (helps to keep scalp moisturized by aiding sebum production which keeps hair dandruff free)
  4. Vitamin C (helps in collagen production, helps to prevent hair loss)
  5. Calcium (this mineral helps to strengthen hair)
  6. Vitamin E (great for nourishing skin and scalp)
  7. Vitamin B & Folate (is important in red blood cell formation and for healthy cell growth and function)
  8. Vitamin K (helps to maintain healthy hair)
  9. Iron (help circulation and blood oxygen)
  10. Zinc (for healthy hair tissue growth and repair and keep the oil glands around the follicles working properly)
  11. Potassium (for strong healthy shiny hair and helps prevent hair loss)

Yamoni Blog Benefits of Sea Moss on Natural Hair Scalp

Now ladies you can see that using Irish Sea Moss for your hair and scalp is a great choice for natural curly hair and scalp care. Even better is the Yamoni Sea Moss Co-Wash and Sea Moss Deep Conditioner in generous 8 oz sizes. These amazing products will leave your textured hair feeling hair feeling healthy clean and nourished. Grab one or both during Summer 2021 for 10% off NO CODE NEEDED🙌🏽 while supplies last so don't miss out!


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