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4 Protective Hair Styles Tips For Amazing Growth To Prevent Hair Loss

We’ve all seen the receding hair lines and the thinning hair on the crown. This can be caused by tension on the scalp caused tight braids and heavy extensions pulling on the hair, over manipulation of delicate curly textured hair repeatedly braiding twisting and locking, and not letting air and blood circulate to the scalp and keeping the scalp clean and healthy.

To prevent hair loss while wearing your protective hair style make sure you have the following Yamoni products to ease the stress on your scalp and encourage healthy growth while nourishing and taking optimal care of your hair in protective styles.

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1) Keep Hair and Scalp Clean!!! It amazes me how many ladies think they don’t need to wash and cleanse their hair as often while wearing protective styles. I know part of it comes from wanting to keep hair from frizzing, loosing etc. While wearing extensions, choosing the right hair and style and making sure it is washed before installing will alleviate this concern but the fact of the matter is…your scalp and the hair on your head still needs to be cleansed to stay healthy!

Yamoni Satin Silk Shampoo and Conditioner is great for protective styles as it gently but effectively cleanses the scalp and smoothes the hair while removing dirt debris and disinfects the scalp to help prevent dandruff and other bacterial and odor causing infections. If you’re a braid or lock wearer you must have a bottle of the ACV rinse that gets down in scalp and hair to lift away buildup leaving scalp tingly clean and hair refreshed!

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2) Relieve Tightness – Stop patting your heads and immediately say “BYE” to scalp soreness, itching and tightness with Renew Scalp Spray and Growth Balm. Make sure you have this on hand for your next installation to relieve the tension on the scalp. Apply the balm directly on clean scalp before your installation to nourish and protects the scalp. The natural oils and conditioners and vitamins help nourish the scalp while providing lubrication to protect your natural hair while it’s been styled and to keep it from drying out. Tip: Apply around hairline and thinning areas to prevent tension bumps and swelling. When braiding is finished spray the moisturizing cooling Renew Scalp Spray to scalp to relieve itching and inflammation.

3) Nourishing Your Scalp For Fast Hair Growth - Not only do you want to give your hair a rest, you want to keep it growing. The best thing natural ingredients on the market for fuller longer and stronger hair faster are contained in our bottle of Extra Strength Growth Serum. This natural proprietary serum has hair growth and hair loss preventing DHT blocking (the balding hormone) ingredients like saw palmetto rosemary and pumpkin seed oil, peppermint to stimulate blood flow to scalp, disinfecting tea tree, follicle nourishing rhiodola extract to destress the scalp and fights inflammation which is a major cause of hair loss.

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4) Taking Down Your Hair – Ladies some hair loss during take down is normal but a handful of hair is not! Hair breakage is caused by not taking care of the scalp and hair while wearing protective styles. Now that you are using the tips 1, 2 and 3 above (wink) all that you need now is Genie In A Bottle a moisturizing leave in conditioner that works wonder at taking down hair. It provides the slip that’s needed for detangling and faster take downs with less breakage. Yessss!

Remember natural hair is healthy beautiful hair that is cared for by the best products. Be sure to let your body know you love and appreciate it by taking good care of yourself and that includes your scalp and hair.

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