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Nothing embraces our culture more than braided hair. Just the nature and texture of our kinky coils curls are what makes our hair do amazing things.

Now that the weather is warming up and spring is in the way, maybe you’re ready to embrace a cooler protective braid hairstyle. There’s so many out there thanks to the cultural awareness of our African roots. There Fulani braids, Bantu Knots, Seneglese Twists and more styles that mingle with our American lifestyles like Box Braids!
So many choices to choose from! While you’re thinking about your next appointment remember to prepare in advance of your appoint with these tips:
1. Always make sure to go to a reputable braider. Don’t know one, just ask that sister with a head full of beautiful braids and edges. Speaking of which...
2. Make sure that braiding is not too tight. There’s a mindset out there that mistakenly thinks that tighter is better because the braids will last longer
Tight braids will weaken the hair follicle and for the hair follicle to try and survive the tugging, pulling and tension the follicle will just give up the hair causing hair loss.
Natural Protective Hairstyles Braids Blog Post
Yes ma’am that excessive shedding is damaging to the overall health of your scalp and puts your hair at risk of traction alopecia.
Here’s your next tip...
3. Before your visit to your braider make sure you (that includes your scalp and hair) are in good health. Good nutrition with whole healthy foods (especially your raw fruits and veggies), plenty plenty plenty of water and sleep along with regular exercise. A healthy lifestyle is when we feel our best right?
4. Scalp and hair maintenance is key to keeping your hair healthy while it’s braided. Yes it still needs to be washed, conditioned, moisturized and tied up at night!! Oh, and don't put too much weight on one braid be it extensions or ornaments.
5. Stop the patting and pain killers ladies!! These after symptoms and after effects of braiding can be alleviated with a bottle of cooling anti inflammatory Re-New Scalp Spray and Re-New Growth Balm 2 piece set. The Re-New Scalp Spray provides a cooling mist to the scalp that stops itching dryness and inflammation (you know redness, swelling and those tiny follicle hair bumps). .
To further protect your edges around the hair line Re-New Growth Balm helps with thinning, bald spots and damaged edges, is a must as it strengthens the hair follicles and nourishes the scalp. Stock up now to stop the pain, the itching, tightness, and excessive breaking.
Start off right with Ya'moni Essentials and you’ll notice real growth during your next protective style.
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