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Five Great Ideas For Caring For Others

This month of October there is a lot of focus on Care.  We have Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as the care of others on Sweetest Day, Bosses Day and victims of abuse and domestic violence. It’s an interesting mix, right? The bitter with the sweet - but that’s life, right.

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As you all know the Yamoni lifestyle is all about self care and living a better life so we can be better to for our families and community. Getting to this place takes time and effort and not everyone of us is there yet.

There are so many things we can do to help and support each other through the good and bad. The following are some actions you can take that will make a great difference in the life of someone:

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1) Donate to a shelter for battered or homeless women. Drop off your really nice new and gently used clothes for women and children. Go ahead and write that check to your favorite community organization.

2) Listen, without judging to a friend or co-worker that you know or suspect is going through a really hard time. Don’t offer advice - unless they ask for it (and don’t be surprised if they don’t take it). Don’t let your heart of gold get overly involved. Be prepared to offer names and numbers of local resources that can provide short and long term solutions.

3) Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. Your local schools can always use extra help. Helping at the food pantry that once provided meal for you and your family goes beyond the usual food donations. If you have a special skill, you can bet there’s an organization that you can help out!

4) Advocating for those in need. Yes, sometimes we need to be are brother and sisters keepers. Speaking up and out for those who are unable to do so for themselves is a powerful way to help. If you are passionate about a children, mental health, teens, the elderly, social justice, women’s or men’s issues, get yourself organized and find like-minded people who are willing to come along side you to help and to guide you.

5) Remember to be a servant at home and to those close to you as well. This is where most of us find our challenges. Your family needs you and what you have to offer. You matter greatly to them. Show them the same kindness, forgiveness, care and respect as you would want shown to yourself and to others. Charity (love) does start at home.

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So, there you have it my loves. Five great ideas for caring for others. As a single mom, I know the struggle is real. That’s why at Yamoni we are putting our money where our mouth is donating products again this year to single moms in need.

What projects or groups are you involved in that you are passionate about?

I’d love to hear from you so just post below and share with the Yamoni community.  Annnnnd be sure to keep that one for all spirit going when you visit our store pickup something for you and somone else when you use code OCT141 (it's a Buy One Item and Get One Free🙌🏽 starting NOW while supplies last!)

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