Is Natural Really Better? | 5 Answers To Questions

Is Natural Really Better? | 5 Answers To Questions

Doesn't it make you wonder when you pickup a label of a store product marked natural and it has so many ingredients and many of them you can't even pronounce? It makes you wonder....

Is Natural Really Better?

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It can be confusing but I believe that when it comes to natural less is more. Sometimes, those ingredients in products are just there to say "hey look -- we got this shiny new thing in our product".  When really, it's not even enough to make a difference.

We at Yamoni Essentials make sure we stay away from ingredients like parabens phthalate and sulfates because they are just not good for our bodies.  When making products by hand its a labor of love and its done with truly more natural ingredients -- AT THE TOP OF THE INGREDIENT LIST!

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Here's A Short List Of Why Natural Is Really Better:

1. We already mentioned it's better for our bodies and we can't stress this enough. Especially when we use beauty products every day!

2. Ingredients that go into products include those that are organic and vegan.  That's a big plus!

3.  When it comes the environment, its kinder and gentler not to use synthetic laboratory and machine made laboratory products because they're well...fake! Nature is real.

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4.  Natural beauty is more affordable now than what it was 5 - 10 years ago.  That's a good thing because it also makes it more available.  But you still gotta read those labels.

5.  Finally, you gotta love that natural products tend to be hypo allergenic, non comedogenic and are made cruelty free!


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