YA’MONI DRY HAIR CURE: 5 Step Guide To Moisturized Hair

YA’MONI DRY HAIR CURE: 5 Step Guide To Moisturized Hair

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Each year around this time we begin to think about the holidays and gatherings with family and friends. Even if its over zoom or a small gathering of close friends and family, we all want to be at our best when they see us. Do you know the first thing that people look at when they see us is the face and of course hair (and if you’re on zoom, that’s all they see, lol)? Our hair tends to be an outward expression of how we’re living, feeling and what we’re doing in general.

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Let me help you with fast start a healthy hair journey now with a dry hair cure for the curly girl with this Ya’Moni Essentials easy go to guide below that will solve your dry hair problems quick, fast and in a hurry! (Make sure you read all the way through the end for a surprise for you)


Here’s Your DIY Tips For The Best Moisturized Curls


1) Get A Fresh Start – If you’re having trouble with dry dull limp curls, the solution is to remove product buildup. There’s no getting around it you need something that can clarify your hair and is designed for black textured hair types to remove dirt and buildup without stripping hair's precious moisture. You can find an amazing Aloe Vera and Apple Cider Hair Rinse right HERE -- it’s life and a fresh start! It’s perfection for all hair types, made fresh to cleanse without drying hair out without harmful parabens silicones. I love that it comes with an easy to apply twist nozzles so I can apply this liquid directly where I need to start on my scalp (the cooling relief….ayyyyee) and work thru and rinse with warm water. Use this for squeaky clean hair that’s ready to absorb moisture and for optimal scalp and hair health strength and shine!


2) Cleanse - Condition - Condition Those Curls!– this is shampoo & conditioner is approved by this curly girl! The shampoo is amazing and busts right thru dirt without for a clean tingly scalp. After washing, just slather the conditioner on your hair for 3 to 5 minutes and those curls will start popping and applauding as those moisturized ringlets come back to life (and smells heavenly). Use a shower cap or warm towel or t-shirt to wrap hair in to open up the cuticle and rinse with cool water to smooth and seal the cuticle (less frizz) and prevent moisture from leaving hair. Really you all, there’s no substitute for high quality freshly made conditioner full of oils and hair loving safe ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft! Paraben free, silicone free, and full of vitamins pick up bottle of Ya’Moni Satin Silk Shampoo and Conditioner Set that will leave your hair feeling like silk and stronger without the buildup of protein overload and prepared for the next step in styling!...


3) Genie In A Bottle Detangles Fairy Knots!! – The number one thing you can do to prevent those freaking fair knots and fighting with your own hair is make sure to trim it at least every two months!! Ladies, it’s amazing how much healthier your hair will be and look with freshly cut hair.

Secondly, I wouldn’t be without this with this Leave In Conditioning Moisturizer on a regular basis. It’s a miracle worker on adding just the right amount of moisture to prevent dryness and friction mixed with premium lightweight oils that absorb into the hair without being heavy or greasy. Did I say that this freshly made milky cream smells heavenly?!... and is perfect at any step of your maintenance regimen -- including detangling before washing, styling after conditioning and is a must have for mid-week curl activator that remoisturizes tames and refreshes even 4c hair! Got knots? To taming those little end of hair fairy knots and mid-length mattes apply and gently finger detangle before using a comb – oh and it’s a must have for easier takedown and less pulling of braids extensions and weaves which can cause excessive hair breakage!

4) Styling Cream Is A Dream - This rich creamy easy to apply Curl Definer gives freshly washed damp hair everything it needs for juicy curls for days! Just apply in small manageable sections from roots to ends and style! It’s medium weight easily absorbs without flaking or residue. This can be used on dry hair too and will have thirsty hair fully hydrated and tamed in no time! Be sure to give those ends a little extra to keep hair defined and frizz free all week!


5) Keep It Covered – Ladies you all know I like to be fashionable even when I’m relaxing. When you relax, so should your curls don’t you think? Pickup one of these pretty Double Layered bonnets to keep hair moisturized longer and protected while you sleep. This final step is a major cure for dry curly hair.

Follow this guide to moisturized curly type 3 to kinky 4c hair and you will get immediate results just using these five steps! Getting control of your hair is empowering and something we can control and prepare for even through this year of stretching and adjusting. We’ve come through it by grace. Now is the time to get started on a healthy hair journey with Ya’Moni these products!!

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Happy Thanksgiving ,

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