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Hair Growth Serum | Extra Strength DHT Blocking Rhiodiola Active

Hair Growth Serum | Extra Strength DHT Blocking Rhiodiola Active

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This all natural Nutrient Rich and Vitamin Rich Extra Strength Serum with Fatty Acids, Essential Oils and High Potency Extracts contains a higher concentration of safe and clinically proven ingredients that are safe, chemical free, sulfate free, formaldehyde free, petroleum free, phthalate free, paraben free.

This proprietary blend of oils vitamins and minerals renews, revitalizes and rejuvenates scalp to create optimal environment for hair growth, stimulates blood flow and re-mineralizes hair for faster and healthier growth and shine , de -stresses scalp encourage hair growth cycle, prevents premature greying, and blocks hormonal hair loss (DHT) which is a major cause of hair loss and thinning in men and women.

Contains A Proprietary Blend Of (Small particles are herbal blend):

DHT Blockers: Pumpkin Seed Oil, Saw Palmetto & Rosemary Blend

Blood Circulation: Peppermint Blend

De-Stress & Inflammation Fighter: Rhiodola Extract Blend (this premium ingredient is only found in the best hair care products. It is rich in organic acids, essential oils and has a high content of vitamin C. This herbal free radical fighting herb slows down the aging process of hair and fights against damage caused by photo-aging and other factors. Slows down the aging of your strands while destressing the body for a healthier head of hair. Creates an environment for hair that is strengthened, invigorated, healthier and shinier making it look healthy, shinier, and stronger).

To Use: 1x - 2x (morning, night) On clean scalp, apply drop or two drops to affected scalp area and gently massage into scalp - a warm sensation feeling is normal as ingredients begin to work. Leave in hair and repeat daily. For best results use with our D-tox Hair Mask before use.

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